Amazing Ad Copy Secrets

Well, if it didn’t happen to me, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I sucked at grammar in school. I think I got a B or a C in it. I REALLY struggled in college advanced grammar.

Still don’t know some of that stuff they were yacking about.

But one day I figured out this formula for writing sales letters. It took me TEN years or so to uncrack the code. I don’t know. Some how one day it just all made sense and came together.

I started getting paid to write sales letters.

Then my mentor and I ran into each other. He was trained by one of the greatest old time copywriters. Lew, then, personally trained me in writing. I already had the formula.

But he put spit and polish on it.

Since then, I’ve refined it more and more till it’s a brightly shining diamond.

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