The Amazing Formula

Whether you want to get your business up and running, get more traffic to your web site, convert more browsers into buyers and sell more of your products or services online (or offline in) then listen up!

After 8 straight years with thousands of buyers in virtually every major city in the world and countless endorsements from major marketers the world over…

After hundreds of marketers and products have come and gone… after malicious attacks by one of the world’s most notorious spammers…after multiple attempts to put it under… after countless attempts to “copy” the website… there’s ONE product that has stood the test of time.

It’s called “The Amazing Formula” and 8 years later, it’s still selling products like crazy for folks around the world!

8 thoughts on “The Amazing Formula”

  1. I finally got my copy of The Amazing Formula. I have wanted to read this for a couple years and i fianlly bit the bullet and ordered it. I am quite sure it will be everything I’ve heard it is. It will be nice to put the practice to work for my business.

  2. I’m hoping my copy of The Amazing Secret will be in the mail this week. At least one multi-millionaire internet marketer here in Europe says this book was the catalyst to his incredible success. He’s made $30,000,000 by following the formula. I can’t wait to soak up the savvy secrets.


  3. Hi Marlon.

    Honestly I’m not yet finish gone through your “the amazing formula” because I’m only able to spend an hour to study your product. But though I’d read half of “the amazing formula” what can I say is the contain of the product was more amazing than its name. I’d run out of my credit card balance because keep purchasing useless something so called secret of success online, guide, magic, or what ever similar to that. But to tell you what, all that useless thing have almost the same contain and the only different was maybe the graphic work, the headline and so on…

    Not until I bought your “the amazing formula”, where I spend my last credit card balance, I really amazed with it. It really totally different from all that I’d bought before. You really show the truth how to do everything to success not explaining just term after term…

    And one more reason that I purchase “the amazing formula” from you was because only you that I can see that provide complete guide of sytem for internet marketing business. From explaining what kind of “game” is this business, how to get traffics, how to create product, and many more…I;m actually want to buy all your complete system but what I do because I’d ran out of balance for my credit card. In fact, I’m from Malaysia and to buy anything in US dollars need to triple up my currencies but I don’t really about that matter and I’ll buy your product one by one if only that I can afford to buy. And Marlon, I think you are the real master of all master and guru of the internet marketing business. I hope that I can really become close like you, really master the skills and teach other peoples from the heart. Hope you will be more success.
    Sorry if there is anything wrong in grammar or any mistype words because my english is not really good.Thank you.

  4. I have purchased several of Marlon’s products without having been ready to use them. Was this a good idea? Not sure yet but I think so.

    While I was writing a book I wanted to get some idea of IM so I wouldn’t be totally confused when I was ready to start a website/blog/ sales process. I have the product dashboard and now the Amazing Formula. I am looking forward to using them.
    The advantage of the book is that now I have a huge source of original content I can use. I have tested the market for several years (off line ) so I know people need what I can deliver.

    Now I have to out put them together. I expect Marlon’s products to help a lot in that process.

    Marlon’s approach is simple, direct and smart and his service (particularly Tim Yeager)is excellent.

  5. Although I have only been able to read half of the book and find it worth reading and the information is definitely worth having.
    The formula is definitely worth spending the money over it, over-priced as it is, for someone who has no knowledge of online marketing it will be a great product to have. There are enough resources to more than justify the price and that is the only saving grace I find in it.
    The thing that bugs the hell out of me is that this is outdated in a number of areas. For instance, I don’t know of any business that still uses faxes to either attract or sell to customers and this is definitely a glaring option for online marketing of any kind in today’s environment. Also, this is very much in direct contrast to what Marlon states he conducts his business – all online.
    So far, I have not seen any indication that there is information on the web2.0 technologies. Twitter, Facebook, hubpages, and so on does not rate a mention whatsoever and copywriting bloggers such as Clayton Makepeace or Brian Clark both swear by these new technologies which makes this omission all the more glaring.
    Rather than add bonuses to the end of the book, it would be more beneficial to get someone to re-write this and include Marlon’s own experiences with these technologies. I’m sure he is making enough money to be able to justify sharing one or two of these with his buyers.
    Although I understand the reason for it, “strike while the iron is hot”, I think that having so many references to other more current products only demeans or reduces the product’s value and there is definitely value.
    Would I recommend this material? Most definitely. With the caveat that it isn’t real current but the information is timeless and anyone with half a brain can adapt it to the current environment. I just wish I had this information when it was first out and it was fresh, now I think that this is more an investment in my poor knowledge than an investment in my future as I really don’t think this is going to help me change it.
    These are my thoughts/comments.
    Joe Cepeda

  6. Oops, I forgot what I was supposed to mention, so consider this the ps.
    ps: Survey:

    1. How many products have you bought from me?
    This is the only product I have bought from your organization.

    2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?
    Although I have not needed to work with anyone at the organization, the follow-up from your autoresponders is phenomenal.

    3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
    The product had the right jargon to push my emotion buttons and this had the right amount of sizzle to get me motivated to buy it although in the back of my mind I kind of expected to be disappointed and so far my intuition has been right. The book is badly outdated.
    4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
    The resources mentioned through the book.
    5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:
    The only experience I can refer to is the autoresponder follow-up that I received. That was very re-assuring.
    6. How can we improve our products or customer service?
    The main thing that I think would make this a great product would be to have it redrafted or rewritten to include the current technologies. The overall information is timeless but it would be nice if we didn’t have to rework it to match the market environment without having to read a bunch of other products.
    Wishing you the best.
    Joe Cepeda

  7. I recently purchased the Amazing Formula. I will give you a run down of the good and the bad:

    The Good:

    -It is easy to tell a lot of thought and energy was put into making this product. There are tons and I mean tons of tips and techniques that I will be going back over and applying in my businesses.
    -It is a no bs report. Marlon does a good job of being fairly direct about why he thinks certain things work and why some things don’t. He also has a good level of experience to gauge these topics which other IM speakers simply won’t have due to a lack of experience.
    -the product does make it seem possible that anyone can do this and it does stir you to action which is what any great product should do.

    The Bad:
    -I currently have no way to currently judge the effectiveness of the techniques he provides. I have no doubt that some will be and some less so. I also suspect that different ones will work better for different markets. I am most curious to know how well this works for products outside the IM niche.

    -One concern I had going in is how current the material is. I understand this is a long standing product that keys on fundamentals which is partly why I purchased it. However, my concern is knowing what tips are still current and which ones are now on the decline. As an IMer for a couple of years now, some of this I can spot, but others I just don’t have the frame of reference to see. I think it would be great to see how people currently are applying these methods and saying which methods are currently working for them and which ones are not. Marlon offers a Player’s Club membership area that may very well have this information, I just have not had a chance to check it out.

    Now, I definitely would recommend this product to others if for no other reason than that it gets you to think and see the bigger picture. The one nice thing about the fundamentals being reviewed here is it provides a framework in which to navigate by saying stay within this area b/c of X. The specifics on what to do on X may change, but the target area will always be X. I understand this concept very easily and appreciate the effort in driving this point home.

  8. Like everything that Marlon does I think this is quality with no filler or padding. having ahd a quick sprint through it I have to say it represents more value for money than most “guru” type products out there for twice the price.

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