The Red Factor

It’s called the “RF8 Matrix.”

And what it gives you is virtual X-Ray vision in your target market. So you can see beyond the confusing mix of products, offers and web sites and find the low-hanging fruit in virtually any market.

Let me explain:

The problem in target markets is there’s often so much going on, so many ebooks, courses, cd’s, dvd’s, and so forth being offered by a variety of vendors, sellers and marketers, that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

In other words, you KNOW there’s money to be made in there somewhere. You’re just not sure WHERE!

4 thoughts on “The Red Factor”

  1. Hi Marlon,
    1. How many products have you bought from me?
    — My experience with your offerings goes back a long way to the “Amazing Formula.” That’s still a classic in my opinion. I’ve lost count on how many of your products I have, but it must be 7 or 8.

    2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?
    — Absolutely — corresponded by e-mail and always prompt, efficient, and helpful.

    3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
    Compelling sales copy I guess, plus the product serves a need I have.

    4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
    As with most of your products, there is so much to chew on, it takes awhile to get through and apply. Your ideas are always original and refreshing.

    5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with: Once when I lost my authorization code to use a product, the response was quick and caring, even though it took some research on your staff’s part.

    6. How can we improve our products or customer service? Maybe break your long stuff into modules or segments — we’re becoming an attention deficient society it seems. Must be the TV that’s doing it to us.

    Marlon, I don’t mean to butter you up — you’re not perfect. Too much of a clown for my taste sometimes, but it’s all part of the personality I guess. Keep up your work on our behalf.
    Regards, Steve.

  2. “How do you find an island you can’t see with a compass that doesn’t work?”

    That was me until I read Red Factor; lost and clueless about what I was looking for and where to find it. The one-two punch of knowing where to go to find underserved markets to target and how to keep giving them more of what they need opened my eyes to new opportunities that I can use to my advantage. The Southwest Airline example made it crystal clear.

    Thank you,

    Nancy Gomez
    Silver Spring, MD

  3. The Red Factor helps a marketer with strategy. The concept is to deliver different forms of value so you’re not getting undercut on price all the time. For the seasoned marketer it teaches how not to go head to head but to create in an area the other guy has not considered.

  4. Hey Marlon,

    Thanks for the awesome info in the Red Factor. I have been a fan of yours for many years, starting back with the Formula and Gimme… and recently, your Dashboard products. I have learned to expect great information and prompt service from your support staff when needed. I have never been let down.

    I continue to buy your products because you get right to the point, without a bunch of fluff. Your videos and audios show your “goofy” side, which I enjoy!

    The Red Factor came at the right time for me. I was beginning to get caught in the overwhelm of information… this product helped me get back my focus. I have NEVER seen any product that helps dissect a potential market, and show me how I can enter that market. Bravo!

    Have fun every day!


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