2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Secret”

  1. You may want to print out the Writers Secret, so you can keep it with you at all times. Marlon shows you step by step how to build your business, and gives you ideas to get you going almost instantly.
    It is a good handbook to have with you everywhere.

    I have purchased several of Marlon’s products, and he always over delivers!

  2. What I love about The Writer’s Secret and frankly all of the products that I have purchased from Marlon is that there is absolutely NO filler to make the ebook, product, etc. “bigger”. He simply states the formula, how he uses it in his business, examples, and the steps we need to take to do the same.

    I have learned from a lot of marketing experts over the years, and Marlon has been the only mentor I have learned from on a consistent basis who I feel wasn’t trying to just “sell me”. He really wants me to get it, grow my business, and pass it forward. If you have to trust just one of the BIG marketers online, Marlon is THE one.

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